Foshan Alpicool Electric Appliance Co., LTD






  The origins of ALPICOOL can be traced back to Europe Baltic States remote Top End, circa 1980. Now ALPICOOL is an largest manufacturer of Portable Fridge Freezers in China. “We make you feel cool” is our mission. And our philosophy, however, has never wavered from its original course–quality, reliability and practicality above all else.   ALPICOOL has a very highly skilled and motivated workforce at our manufacturing plants. We have a stringent quality control system in place, ensuring our exceptionally high standards are maintained. These factors, combined with our level of automation, enable us to produce some of the finest Portable Fridge Freezers in the world.

  ALPICOOL Portable Fridge Freezers are the ideal way to keep your food and beverages chilled or frozen on your trip, regardless of ambient conditions. Not to be confused with less effective 12 volt ‘coolers’, the ALPICOOL unit is a true refrigerator/freezer. Own one and you’ll never again find your lunch water- logged by shifting ice, and there’ll always be a cold drink on hand during the sweltering summer months.